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Note to self: Do not offer to rub Janice because it rubs her the wrong way.

Second note to self: Unpack the peasant skirt with the mirrors on it.

Final note to self: Buy gift.

Sigh, I want to live in New York. That never happens to me in Fashion Island!

That's the strangest shrink visit I've ever heard described. Why was Judith wearing a dustmask?

Glick here,

Ah, that's how they get you. Start out obnoxious, turn the corner and seem reasonable, hang a u-ie and come back to obnoxious.

Sheesh, and they want to know why we spit at them.
Dumb bastards.

There's an odd hint of innocence in that exchange. But uh, you know, also weird as fuck.

People amuse me soo much.

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