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You have my undying gratitude for not writing anything about The Biggest Loser.

I think I speak for fat people everywhere that the struggle to lose weight makes incredibly dull television.

Oops...as you were commenting, I was posting. Heh.

The other day I was reading one of my old blog posts and noticed I used the word "pretty" (as a modifier, like "pretty good, pretty crappy," not like "Pretty Woman") like four hundred and fifty times in one motherfucking paragraph. No kidding. Plus a lot of pseudo-badass sounding swears.
I am pretty fucking horrible in the fuck-ass shit goddamn writing dept. Zam.

Your zit post was riveting, in a horrifying way. Ugh.

Plus, if you need a big world-saving post, you can deliver the promised dish on Doctors Without Borders. The world wants to know.

I, myself, have written roughly 250 work-related words in November (not counting notes for teaching). In my line of work, that means I've got the suck, big time. You're doing excellently.

Okay, at 55403 nano is officially behind me.

I know that things at work could get worse but not really. I mean, when you reach the point that getting fired is something you want more than being there, you are way past where tihngs should be . . . be . . .

Damn. Can't even think of a word. I probably used them all up.

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