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Decaf coffee and tea still has a teeny little bit of caffeine in it. Tell those stinkin' frogs to go fuck themselves and give you a [url=https://www.tiscali.co.uk/reference/dictionaries/difficultwords/data/d0012999.html]tisane[/url].

It could be worse you could go into anaphylactic shock and stop breathing when caffeine enters your system. That happens

Goddamn urls.

Every time I force air out of my nose, some gooey stuff squirts out. Any ideas what it could be, Doc?


I had one of those for years!

My brother popped it once, and then two of my best friends had a go on two seperate occasions.

The last time we tried to harvest the icky stuff it was rather late at night and someones room-mate screamed shut the F**k up because we were gagging too loud

I don't know what happened to mine but it got really really angry and then I had to take it to the surgeon and he removed about 5 square inches of my back and the rest of the cheese.

Yuck it was really yucky. I have a iant scar now that looks like i was stabbed in the back.

You're lucky your cysts seem under control.

wow, that was possibly the most horrible thing I've ever heard. Please excuse me, while I dry heave.




I just HAD to read you during my lunch of glass noodle soup.

That was so horrible, and yet so satisfying, I couldn't stop reading it. Why do we love squeezing horrid things out of ourselves?! Shit, vomit, babies! EW!

ewww, that was so disgusting I couldnt stop reading it. you're gross.

that was hilarious. after such a encounter with a demon like said, i did a quick google and came across these appetising words. i have been geeting thses bastards for years. all sorts. but ist those ones that come out all stringy that truly fascinate me. al ot of the time they dont even seem to be a spot but a spread out layer of pus under the skin. and SQUEESE that cheese out. now smell. yep still smells the same - fishy and almost smells like poos. WTF is it? i often wonder if its crap from your intestines (smells bad in there). so you reacon caffeine eh? i have thought that too.
i think the reason to answer so many peoples qusetions - about why we like to squeese. its the self satisfying mediacting care that we feel when we excorcise the demons that we get under our skins. and a for of pressure relief - like masturbating. have a swell day :)

i have one also the doctor cut i out n drained it a few years ago. its baaaaack

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