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Is someone working on her Bust column?

and also this: https://cnews.canoe.ca/CNEWS/Law/2005/11/30/1330499-sun.html

rapist aquitted due to "sexomnia". it wasn't rape because he didn't realize he was doing it. and apparently he didn't realize it when he did it to his four previous girlfriends either.

i spot a trend coming to the OS of A any old day now...

HOLY SHIT, broken ladder, that is FUCKED UP. Damn! Between that link, and this one you sent last week,


I'm starting to get all feminist under the collar again!

And anon, I'm actually not working on my BUST article, just surfing way more news than I should in a given day and sharing some of it. Ideally, I'd put up news links everyday, but I'm too lazy.

(Smiley face.)

BTW, that was supposed to say US of A. i don't know where the OS of A is. hee.

maybe i'm so crabby and depressed coz i read so many crabby and depressing news articles. being feminist is hard work! (much like presidenting. har har) we can't even rest for a minute coz it's one thing after another. oy.

i *heart* BUST. and BITCH.

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