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And me?

I am at 28821 which sounds great, right?

Except, I should be at 31673.

I am not horribly behind but I have Thanksgiving and such looming ahead. That said, I also have only a three day work week. And rumor has it that we get to leave super early on Wednesday.

But that's me, with the pressure of an imaginary deadline because, let's face it . . . I don't have a contract or agent or editor demanding my timely completion of all things novel. Rather, all this pressure is self-imposed and has no benefit except that maybe, just maybe, I'll have the seeds of a working manuscript when I am done.

And people wonder why I say this nano stuff is masochistic.

Sounds like someone needs their own blog!

I have the same experience at networking functions. I think I need those shy pills. What are they called? For social anxiety disorder? Because drinking doesn't work right, I get courage, then say stupid shit.

Internet networking, now that I can get with. Blog on!

I am flat broke, irritable, and hating this freelance project I'm spending every available second working on. But I have great hopes for the future. I'm trying to concentrate on that.

Awesome about your excellent and fun-sounding readings. I so hope to attend one soon and catch your steez, and the kids say. So I'm told. By grown-ups.

Satia, you are kicking ass! I can't believe how much you've written in a month. Amazing! (Also, embarrassing! You're making me look like a slacker!) Mostly, congratulations on your hard work. I too eagerly await the rebirth of your website one day.

Because, as Anne knows, sometimes it's easier to be "real" when you're virtual.

Meanwhile, Fisch, I read the specs for your freelance project over at ArtStars.org, and it sounds like a big pain in the ass. If there were a million magical delightful ways for kids to creatively occupy themselves for little or no money -- all of them somehow related to a mushy-faced girl in a bonnet -- more parents would not need to get as drunk and high as they currently do.

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