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This is all a load of cock. A masculinist is a man who realizes there is more to life than stepping into his father’s shoes. It’s about realizing we are all total individuals free to explore and recognize our many facets and not adhere to general social models of what our gender should conform to. Its about total freedom and points the way out of conflict whilst excepting conflict as a desire. For a Feminist to coin a masculinist, as a male feminist is as much a floor as a shovanist saying a women’s jobs is in the kitchen. The whole point is the autonomous nature of gender identity and the new way of looking at how we recognize our differences as men without then being restrained to have to associate our feminine qualities with that of women. It is denying that our femininity is routed from or associated from women. It is recognizing that our femininity is distinctly masculine. For old school feminists and old school shoveanists this is very hard to deal with but best described in ancient eastern philosophy.

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