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Happy Birthday! And congrats! GO YOUUUUUUU!

(yes, I can type again!)

Happy B-day,
I am thirty nine and I still love cartoons. I am reelly enjoying your blog and am anxious to read your book since hearing the pod-cast. Keep scribbling. You are inspirational and a host of other lofty adjectives

Happy Birthday, Janice!

How about "out of this world good"? for this year?

If it ain't your b-day, then Leo don't murgle. Enjoy it and be a kid again, if only just for one day.

Holy cow, you're 37! And I'm 36! And how'd we get all the way up here?!?!?

I still like candy too. And I still run in three-beat canter like a horse sometimes. And aon't nothin' wrong with any of that.

Happy birthday, friend.

Happy Birthday, Janice, and congrats on the book. You deserve a day of candy, TWoP recaps, and shoe shopping!

Happy birthday, Janice.

Happy Happiest Happy Birthday ever!

Also, I totally called you an inspiration and a key figure in my life in my autobiographical essay for Feminism and Political Theory.

Happy birthday. You go girl.

Happy Birthday!

Does anyone ever really get too old for candy?

Remember what they said in that play "Crimes of the Heart": the more candles you have on your cake, the stronger your wish is. Happy birthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLBOMB! may this new year be even betterer for youse and yours!

florence :D


Happy 37th from someone who also turned 37 this August.

All the best! Looking very forward to the new book.


Lappy Mirfday! (burp)

Rock on sweetie!

Best wishes for a happy 37!

Mmm, Kit Kat.

Birthday blessings + candy = Virgos rule!

I'm suffocating from old person smell over here.

Suck it up princess.

The happiest birthday wishes. And I sappily send you hearts.

(And I cringe, because I made the word "sappily")

Thank you so much, seriously. I'm thoroughly honored.

Hey there,

Happy Belated - hope it was grand :)

Donna from Tonawanda :)

Happy belated B-Day my fellow Rooster! Crow on, my songstress. I wanna go karaoke with you. (And watch you sing;) When i get a hundred bucks, I'm taking you! Sound good?

Me and you, Maux -- Celebrity Duets.

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