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Ha...you said "fiercest"! Tyra Banks & "America's Next Top Model" run the world lol But seriously I have meant to tell you on this last cycle of Top Model there was a girl from Brooklyn that reminded me of you! She's this bad ass punk chick who is awkwardly cool :) You probably can find her on YouTube or on the website for the show. And by the way I LoVe the "doorknocker" earrings for the shoot you look hot! And Bill is just so cute!!

Totally relate to the evaporating inspiration... I bought a new notebook today hoping a fresh book might stimulte fresh ideas. Instead, I am obssessed with how much I do not like the cover.

... what I wouldn't give for eyebrows of any kind. Alas, I was born with clear eyebrows which makes me look mad all the time. See? I can complain about anything. ;^)

i'm loving the j.lo look for shelter girl #3.

i'll give you honorary status as a fellow latina with the jenny from the block look alone. holla!

and you know, only drag queens, gay men, and women can appreciate the impact good eyebrows have on the self-esteem....

You do look fierce as shelter girl #3. Reminds me of high school...especially the earrings (and the tough bitch look).

I hate my eyebrows. I have yet to have them look fierce.

The last time I went to have my hair done my I asked my hairdresser if she does eyebrows and she said yes. She then looked at my eyebrows and said, "Your brows look fine."

I guess I needed to tell her I wanted to look fierce!

And Danika, I agree. Lauren, the punk chick, definitely has a Janice quality I had not recognized before!

1. The cold weather is to blame. How is latent creativity to bloom with no sun and heat?

2. When I read Danika's comment on the earrings, I read "dork-knockers." Fierce indeed.

Oh, that dork-knocker who forgot to put her name in was me.

I am a total dork-knocker! And now I have to research this Lauren chick, and see if her eyebrows match up to mine.

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