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When I read "man's inhumanity to man" my first response was, "Well, doesn't Have You Found Her? prove that there are still some people who rise above their own inhumanity to try to make sense of themselves and their lives?"

I won't argue with you about the significance, or lack thereof, of your memoirs. That's rather moot. I figured I would just share what my knee jerk response was as I was reading your post.

Um, don't you mean Burma?

Beautiful post, Janice-- I know just what you mean.

I was beating a woman from Ohio to death earlier over a bag of "Sour Patch Kids," in fact.

"too many cameras not enuff food, who knows what to do..driven to tears"

Interesting post, Janice. If it's any consolation, both of your memoirs stirred in me a willingness to start to type my own story. It's not saving Myanmar, freeing Tibet, or feeding the hungry, but it's doing what you can with the talent you have. In a way, it's instilled hope.

And hope is what it's all about.

Thanks for the comments.

Let's all make world peace, what do you say?

Make world peace?

I'm in.

can't make world peace..sorry, we live in a milieu of scarcity of resources and we have reptilian brains..also the arms industry is a trillion dollar entrenched lobby..don't blame me, I didn't make it this way..

Okay, well, Iron Man is going to take care of the arms industry. I think our reptilian brains can handle the rest.

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