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No DC dates... sob!

For seers! I need to get my butt to DC again soon. Are there any lefty readings series down there that you know of that I could try to horn in on?

I'll look into it. Would love to see you again.

BTW, you are on the recommended reading table at Barnes & Noble... I stood by it all Vanna White-ing it for at least fifteen minutes, much to my son's horror!

the APA conference! awesome. i am volunteering at the APA conference. i might run into you there.

Haven't been to it, but this sounds cool:

Also, you could hit Big Blue Marble in Philly on the way back *although* I have heard mixed reviews; def check with Jami and Kelly M. first.


You need to come to Baton Rouge, LA. I love your work, and without sounding corny, you're a huge inspiration to me.

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