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Lord have mercy, woman!

Read something funny!!! Laugh a little. Laugh a lot!

How about Jen Lancaster's Bitter Is The New Black?

I LUVV Edith Wharton.

I'll have to read this one. I don't know how I skipped it. I don't know about More Than It Hurts You. I have had my head on collision with a person with munch. Have You Found Her was enough for awhile. I have a hard time viewing munch as a disease, even though I know it is one. I think it is because of my experience with someone afflicted. The subject still brings out the resentment and bitterness my encounter brought.


I bought it today on amazon, can't wait to read it.
Also, yay because I am going to the On The Rise dinner. Myself and another woman that I worked with at the clinic. :)

Damn! Just finished Have You Found Her. In a day. What a strange disease. I have never really heard much about Munchausen without the "proxy" element. Always thought it was such a sick yet fascinating mental illness. You have brought to light what collateral damage it can cause. I truly am sorry for your experience.

Looked into the Munch Bunch stuff. I can't tell if it's people trying to recover or trying to bolster it as a "lifestyle". I have to say it is hard to look at this objectively. At times these folks, and I feel slightly bad writing this, are monsters. Unfortunately now I'm hooked and have to learn more.

Happy Birthday! You do look really young. For smoking the weed for so long, you would never be able to tell by that glowing complexion of your's :)

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