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Good luck.

Moving sucks.

I hope it's to a place you really like.

21, 14, what's the difference when it's not the 14 you're looking for? Enjoy it!

Good luck & I hope the cat's like the new place too! :) :)

I would be MORE than happy to represent in Blighty! Of course, I'd have to lose Montana (otherwise known as my fat ass), master several accents, and, oh, pass for smart... but still... I know my way around, so if'n you want, I can try and pass... Plus, I have the added advantage of actually having been a runaway in the UK once upon a time...


I always thought "shyster" was a form of "shylock" which is the dude in the Shakespeare play who demands the (literal) pound of flesh.

Played beautifully by Al Pacino in the movie version.

Hope everyone survives the move with minimal trauma. Meow!

Just saw this one now, so I'm (as usual) late to the comment section. But I just have to add -- leave it to the Germans to somehow turn the fact that someone defecates into an insult.

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