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The other day you said something that nearly made me spew coffee onto my monitor. Today it nearly snorted out my nose.


(Love the video, naturally!)

Love the video! Well, except for oooooone little sound effect. That I could have done without as I was eating at the time...


Oh, is just too much. Too much. Oh no they di' 'int.

"Oh Juhneece, we so proud of ya girl."

great trailer janice!

Haha that was great!! I know we all felt that way when we were reading it....so many shocking, heart warming, and great moments :) Love the dude on the toilet tugging at his hair hahaha!

Even the Germans are into it.

I just read this on the beach and yelled 'Dude, what the hell!' so loud at the end of the book that the little girl building sand castles near me got scared. Emotional scarring is the gift that keeps on giving, pass it on!

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