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My friend who is working on a novel is trying to write something for herself--a white collar educated African American woman who wants to read herself in a novel without being caricatured as illiterate or angry or any of the other things that frustrate the community.

I am absolutely adding this book to my must read list and will recommend it to her, at your recommendation.

BTW, I am showing tremendous self-restraint because I had a brilliant professor with whom I discussed this issue for hours and hours. But yeah . . . this is me . . . all restrained and shit. (BTW, a few weeks ago my email address was wiped by a virus and this week a cup of coffee wiped out my cell phone so I have no email addresses and/or telephone numbers. If you want to interpret this metaphorically, please do so. In the meantime, tell our mutual loved ones why I am incommunicado and maybe someone will call me so I will have numbers again. Either that or it's time to pull out the hair shirt and become a monk.)

Satia, I look forward to reading your friend's novel! (And I'm sending an email with my number!)

Erasure is being made into a film, too, with Angela Bassett directing: http://tinyurl.com/nwjh5a.

I, too, read Push when it came out and loved it; I read Erasure recently and only liked it. It didn't stay with me the way Push did (which I just started re-reading in anticipation of the film), perhaps because, as a middle class black woman with an MFA, that character's over-educated voice wasn't new to me, but Precious' voice was. Her experience was not mine, but Sapphire made it so.

I just finished Erasure yesterday. You are right, he is a genius. This book is ridiculous. I look forward to reading the new one, I Am Not Sidney Poitier.
If you like Erasure, you may enjoy some of Stephen Carter's stuff, like The Emperor of Ocean Park and the Palace Council.
Also, Cecil Brown has some stuff that is similar (Days w/o Weather and JiveAss Ni*%er).

Okay, I will order Push right away. You piqued my curiosity.

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