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You left me a comment on my blog. I am curious to know why? If you truly do know what you said you know, and you think there might be a reason as to why my e-mail address should be shared, then delete my comments and pass it on.
Oh, that does come with a "please," btw. Otherwise, I'll just hang out here like a bumbling idiot.

Hi Gern. Was just blog surfing, and saw that you had commented on my friend's blog, and then saw what you'd written about her writing, and thought I'd chime in with a testament to her charms. Didn't have her permission/approval to do so; didn't mean to start nothin'... sorry about that.

Aside from the lash marks on my back and the enlarged lats from all the rowing, this slave deal works out pretty well for me.

Well, this reminds me of the story I wrote today, I have this idea of a movie in which Jodie Foster and Queen Latifah double team Tom Cruise, who is allegedly a rich dentist married to Jodie who is an idle rich wife and Queen Latifah is her queening lady? Or maybe her cleaning lady.

They catch Tom Cruise in the closet spying on them having lesbian sex and they do various things to him including a golden shower in the bathtub.

I didn't get tonsorially to the point of the shaved head but maybe Sinead O'Connor could compose a haunting soundtrack.

i think i am a lesibain because when i was younger i had sex with a girl and now when i see a girl naked i begin to tingle all over how do i over come pleaSE WRITE BACK BUT NOT TO MY EMAIL ON THE SITE PLEASE

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