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Thank God I'll never have to read that book now.

Meanwhile, allow me to pick my swooned ass up off the floor. I collapsed of the fainting disease from laughing so hard. Woe is me...

Loved this review. I don't feel required to read this stuff. I think it was written for bored people in an age without TV, movies, internet, etc. So I long ago decided that I didn't need to suffer through it. But I'm glad you did; it was funny!

I liked it better the first time I read it, when it was called "I Repeatedly Closed My Fingers In a Heavy Door For Fun Hootenanny Jamboree Hour."

Amen Sister. I am off to shave my head and don my chain metal bikini.

I read WH because I loved Olivier in the movie--dark, brooding, chiseled. But the movie had the sense to stop at the obvious point of Cathy's death. It just goes downhill from there.

Oddly enough, much of the contemporary criticism of the novel is far more interesting and it was the damned criticism that got me thinking maybe I should read it.

For instance, Is Heathcliff an illegitimate child of the father who supposedly found him?

Did Heathcliff make his fortune in slave trade? Especially curious because Bronte does go to great lengths to say repeatedly as if to over emphasize the fact that Heathcliff is *gasp* dark. Dark meaning possibly not caucasian. (See #1)

What about the implied incest throughout?

And then there is the lovely moment when Cathy says in dismay that she is Heathcliff which leads into the lovely discussion of feminine identity.

Looks like my bikini is out being polished but I have my chainmail halter. Will that suffice?


hello hello
I realise you wrote this, like, two years ago or more, but I just stumbled across it. I finished reading (PLOUGHING THRU) Wuthering Heights last night and today have googled in desperation for validation that I wasn't alone in thinking this "classic" was a load of hooey!
thanks for the great post... ;)

this book: what happens when people don't have any tv to watch.

Haha. I love reading this review, it gives me a whole new perspective of the characters in the book, especially when you refer Heathcliff as Foundling. Hehehe. You're an awesome writer, I must say. :)

How on Earth did I miss this? Genius!

Pass the salts; I am overwrought and suffer the vapors.

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