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That's exactly how my sister's hair was for her wedding. It looked beautiful. I can send you more pics if you want...with a veil and tiara (I know, I know..but it really did look good).

I ... am not a bride! *slurp* I am a human being! *huff huff*

From that last angle, the mound of curls looks like reddish-amber coils of brain tissue. Cute, marriage-able brains.

You have FRECKLES. I KNEW there was a reason I adored you.

The hair is great, too.

It frames your face very well. I assume it's a slightly smaller swoosh on the other side? The curve accents your ears well, which is good, because you have cute ears. And the curls in the back are very well done...good curl masses follow the line of the cheekbone, which yours do. Give your hairdresser a good tip. [laughs] (no, I am not a hairdresser.)

Wow, such excellent feedback on the hair! I will have to start fixing it like this everyday. :)

ohhh, you're going to look so good! i don't care how much you hate the bride thing i'm still gonna "lookit you" & tell you how great you look as a bride! great hair!

very hot!

Your hair looks amazing, and that last shot has me stuck in a box trying to figure out how it was done.

Lovely! But, you know, weird. I've never seen a pic of you with your hair up before.

I meant that about the registry and all, you know :)

Ach! You are all way too nice to me. What will I do for attention post-wedding?

The back looks great. The front and side look great, too, but the back looks *really* great. I love that curly shit. I also love baby's breath.

Why can't we all wear baby's breath in our hair unless we're getting married or going to the prom? I want to wear baby's breath every day. But The Man is stopping me.

Oh pooh, Anne. The Man only forces you to go to work and pay your taxes. He doesn't stop you from wearing flowers in your hair. You should start a trend: casual baby's breath hairstyles, to match the new fall wardrobe. Heck, I started the flip-flops-with-tuxedos look. What do you mean you haven't seen it? everyone's doing it!

whee! congratulations you awesome woman you! when are you tying the knot? (hair looks great, btw) please have a baby soon so my baby has a buddy!
xoxoxox, hil

Ah, mamacita! I sent you an email last week to request your address! You must have sensed it psychically! LOVE to you and Tom and Xuan!

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