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Hey Janice, I just wanted to thank you for writing this post, particularly the difference between pain and suffering. I would go into it more, but I'm not as brave as you are with your posts on here.


Selfish thought of the day alert!!!

Next time I am in town feel free to go through your bookshelves and pull any books that you liked but want to pass along to someone who may not have the money to keep buying herself books.

*big cheesy grin*

I really shouldn't suggest this as I am going through a frenzy of trying to reduce the volume of books I have in my home but I do get into these moments of famine as well. I mustn't buy more books but if I don't get a new one I am sure to implode.

Can you believe . . . less than two weeks? And then a month later? Sheesh! I am being so spoiled this year!


Beej, I will never forget how encouraging you were to me when I was trying to sort through stuff in 2001. And you are brave as all hell.

And Satia, I've totally been going nuts buying books (and lending them), used and new ones, since I found out I can deduct them from my taxes. I have to keep reminding myself -- tax deductible does not equal free!

I needed that today. Thanks.

talking honestly before I didn't make a difference between suffering and pain.They were equal for me as I am suffering from a back pain and the only thing that interests me is to find a cure for my pains.

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