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happy birthday!


That was lovely. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday, Janice!

I love that Bill said, "you love those pants."

Glick here,

Happy Birthday toots, and lotsa Virgo love.

Ima turnin' 40 on 9/5/05.

Happy Birthday. You are awesome and fabulous and I am always available for mom asskickings, if needed.

Happy birthday.

and many more!

I love those pants too.

happy birthday janice! i hope you find some tennishoes you like!

:throws confetti!:
:and cake!!:
:will clean that up later:

Save some room for dinner tonight at BLUE WATER! It's gon' be ILL!

Happy birfday, shmizzle!

Happy, happy, happy, happy birthday!

All day yesterday I kept reminding myself, like a mantra "Today is Janice's birthday."

I was planning on writing you a lovely letter. Then I came home from my doctor's appointment and slowly but surely my body said, "Ha! I may not need surgery but you are going to get that much needed rest or else."

I had a fever and quickly collapsed. Luckily, Marc was able to get a ride home from work. A rather minor reprieve. And I still have a low grade fever today.

I love you and loved seeing you. I will still write you that long and lovely letter. There is much I am leaving unsaid.


Hey there -- happy birthday. I'm a few hours late, but I was three days late with my father's birthday last week. So there.

- David

happy birthday! you actually make birthdays sound...well, nice!

happy birthday Janicita. I love you so much.

sorry i am late, but happy birthday anyway!

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