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Awww man, this is kinda embarrassing to admit, but the Michael Jackson thing makes me real fuckin' sad!

But more importantly, I'm very glad you read up and write up and speak out, dude. I know it isn't easy and can feel futile, but your admitting to feelings of futility help my feelings of futility seem less...just less.

Jackety-Jacko was raised as a Jehovah, peoplefolks, just another one of the countless faiths on This Island Earth that are not quite prone to giving the Jews what we might call a "fair shake."

Thanks alot Mr. Jackson. More ferkahteh crazy calls at work. More "What are you going to do about this" outrage from equally crazy people who have nothing better to do than call us.

Stupid motherfucker.

There, that's my opinion.

You wouldn't happen to be a Scorpio, would you? I am, and as much as I care about the world around me, I always manage to make it "about me" without even blinking an eye. And I really don't mean to!

RE: Wacko Jacko. Guess what happens to pedophiles under Islamic law?!? Bahrain will one day have a li'l fun with that guy.

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