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Ike has good taste in red-head authors.

What a New York moment....

I do believe he lives near 12th and 6th ave. When I house sat there I used to see him walking his dog all the time. Maybe he saw a familiar neighbor and didn't have a fresh apple pie to give as a friendship gift?

nobody ever recognizes me for anyone. when i was blonde they used to say 'brett butler'. now that i'm black they don't know what the eff to say.

(when i was blonde i would've said "fuck". now that i'm black i'd say it too, but i'm trying to pull off 'misunderstood' and 'dainty'. hello, snow white, you dirty, dirty whore.)

and as dr. phil would say, "how's that working for you?"

and as i would answer, " you tell me, motherfucker, i'm not the one being paid a zillion dollars to suck."

thank you, and good night.

(my dream is to live that scene in 'lovely and amazing' where i'm catherine keener and jake gyllenhaal is himself and YAY!")

sorry. my doctor didn't pick up when i called and this is what you get. you deserve much better though.

remember when i just idolized and didn't say anything? good times, huh?

Yes you are that person. You are that person exactly.

he doesn't experience linear time. he *will* know you soon and was just allowing a bit of the future to leak in through the present where west eleventh street intersects the poshest avenue of the twilight zone.

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