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Ow, my sides.

uh-oh. so now i know what my problem has been these many long months: a thousand hates hated back at me. dang!

when o when will i evolve?!

I think this is my favorite play ever written. Particularly the hatey-hate part. If I ever have to prepare a monologue, that will be it.

PLEASE do it sometime. At least for your polisci class, or something.

Thanks for making me pee myself. Gonna buy your book!


I absolutely could not put your book down ( Girl Bomb). It was like reading a very similar story of my life . I find it very admireable that you had the courage to write this story about your life growing up. My days of addiction, heart ache and seperation from my family are days I don't like to remember most of the time. But yet they have made me a very stronge person. I have been told by numerous people that I should right a memior myself of my story and the obstacles I have overcome . I was very inspired by you. I look forward to reading your latest book (Have you found her).

Hahahaha I love the "hatey hate" part. Hilarious.

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