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Now I'm just commenting so that my name shows up ANOTHER time in that little box on the right.

He's such a dumbass. Hey, is it beautiful there with all the snow, or awful? It was 80something here today.

oh the humanity!

my husband saw a news ticker yesterday:
"Cheney shoots man. More to come."

I'm going to make a request on JackFM for some Filter today, and dedicate it to Cheney.

Come and listen to a story 'bout a man named Dick

Started a war, enough to make the whole country sick

then one day he was shootin' at some birds

missed 'em all, but hit some guy in the place where he makes turds

(ah, my inner 11 year old boy is free)

So how pathetic is this . . . ?

I have to call my mother. No. I want to call my mother. I want to say hello and hear her voice and tell her all about my falling on my ass and hear her stories about snow and . . .

I am kind of hoping she isn't home. Anyone who has ever called her and listened to her answering machine would appreciate why but as soon as I read your blog I thought, "Oh God, I hope she isn't home because this is going to be so good."

PS: I slapped two short stories into my blog over the weekend and today. Finished chapter 11 and wrote chapter 12. The first short story has potential but needs more work, more details, more substance. The one I wrote today was either more inspired or more actualized in my mind. I think it is the better of the two.

On that note, I have to buy a card today so I am out of here.

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