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parrrrris. soooo gooood.
what are your thoughts on that nice voice but otherwise overly perky katherine mcphee?
we also like harmonica playing grey hair guy.

Katherine McPhee can sing. I mean, so can Ayla Brown, but Katty McPhat has more...something. She may live.

As for the guys, I'm getting to them soon, I hope.

we get the week's episodes all at once on saturday morning here and paris makes me want a time machine so i can travel back each week and vote for her. i predict a paris v. ace showdown for the top 2

Paris trivia for you . . .

If I remember correctly, she apparently won a "first in line" position from one of the radio stations down here. I may be mistaken. Maybe not.

In any event, I do like her. And the last girl who sang.

And Ace . . . And Ace's equally hot brother . . . hurt me they come in pairs??? The crude jokes I could make but why waste it on humor when surely there is some sort of erotic story I could be creating on paper and not just in my head.

oh, gawd, satia...american idol slash? :)
(and probably naive me for wanting to think this doesn't exist already)

I have never written or even been inspired to think along slash lines until last night.

I am a puddle and I should be ashamed . . . this is bordering on pedophilia what with my daughter being 23, ever so slightly younger than Ace, but no shame here.

As for the erotic story, it has to wait. Chapter 15 has 500 words and I am giving myself a reward for finishing 15 & 16 by Sunday. So whatever erotica is inspired along the next few days must needs wait. Lucky for me one of my characters is about to embark on a sexual escapade.

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