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Many parents are picking the popular L-L girl names these days. LuLu. LeeLee. Lila. And, I've read where these are very popular stripper names, because of the way you flick your tongue on your teeth to get those Ls out. You can really be sexy, just saying your name. Makes me glad I picked dull old Jill for my kiddo. Although, I really wanted Clear Dawn. My husband said no, but I think Clear is pretty, and it's a line from a Suzanne Vega song too.

amy, Clear is pretty.
i always liked Clarity.
but that was before Claritin.
which does mess things up a bit.

No, stop it. Really, enough with the twee kid names. If you continue your great granchildren will be named Mavis and Ethel.

I'd like to give my children ethnic names that have nothing to do with their heritage. Pavel, Antonio, Han, Mariella, Felicity and Hwon Ok.

My mom wanted to name me Olivia. Olivia Erlbaum. I don't think you can be named "Olivia" and "Erlbaum" together, I think you have to choose one. I'm very pleased with Janice.

Jill is a lovely name, too.

And, just to be clear, I was being weirdly facetious, because I was in a weird, facetious mood. I don't actually believe that anyone is really named Accompaniment M. Smokey. Except in my DREAMS.

Accompaniment Smokey is not only poetic and jazzy, it's reversible!

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