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hell yes! do-do-do-do-do hell yes! do-do-do-do-do hell yes! sorry, i've been listening to too much Beck lately, but it makes for good party music right!? i'm here for the party! where is everyone?

Take this job and shove it.

Wait? What job?

Yeah. You heard me.

Shove this job that I don't even have.

What about the neighbors? oldfolksnextdoor.blogspot.com won't be having any of this. And what about kittieshidingunderthebed.typepad.com? Or livejournal.com/users/ohyou'rehavingapartywhydon'tIinvitemyselfover/index.php?

You don't wanna invite just anybody, do you? What ever happened to elitism?

We have gorgeous weather outside too and I am wearing the cleavage bra today. Having all kinds of fun watching the guys try not to focus their attention on my boob crack.

Girlbomb, now that spring is here you better write a fashion blog. Because last year a bunch of us bought and wore gypsy skirts and mirrored tanks and then you went OFF on them. I'll bring a pitcher of margaritas and some happy music cds I just burned. Let me get the kids to school first.

Whoo-hoo, party in the comments section!

I just finished proofreading the text portion of a 416-page book of recipes (nothin' left to do but the 16-page index, and I'm not doing that today) so I stopped by to par-tay. Bring on the margaritas!

I don't like margaritas much . . . I'll stick with a gin and tonic, if that's okay with everyone.

My boss is a fascist. I just wanted to say that.

Whoo hoo! Party! Who wants to fuck me in the mouth?!

OK, I think I misread the vibe...

My boss puts stuff off and puts stuff off and then I have to work like a crazy person to get it all done. She also commits me to too many projects, even when she says she's not going to do that anymore. And sometimes she gets all virtuous and stuff and works *all* *the* *time* and I have no time to relax. And I can't even complain about her because she's *always* with me.

Damn that Hannah B.!

I'll take some of that mouth yer offerin' there buddy. And who stole my drink! I had a drink right here, and now it's gone! Lucky, I know it was you.

"Boob crack!" Love it!

Just got back from reading at a high school in Williamsburg. It was great! Everybody there has total Spring Fever, and I have it too. I don't WANNA sit here and send email about my benefit! I wanna PLAY!

My boob crack is ENORMOUS.

No one wants your mouth Funk.

Not my mouth Glick, Bill was offering his. And I don't remember anybody talking to you punk. Frankly you're not only getting in the way of Bill and I's oral buisness negotiation but you're bringing the whole spring party down.

"Party down," you say?

* gets up on chair, frugs *

* passes out key lime martinis *

* pretends not to notice gay sex between husbian and friend *

Glick, how's the job hunt? Want to go work for Hannah B.? I hear Lori Mocha's hiring.

i would have commented earlier but i was transfixed by satia's boob crack.

mr. bill--hee! my friend is online dating and she just got an email that ended with "p.s. i also like to screw".

re: sequins and gypsy skirts, i think of that post all the time. all the time. "there's a reason we don't do sequins in the daytime!"

<--- showed up late, probably drunk.

Or it could be because I totally slept through my alarm and missed class! W00T!

I want sequins! Is it *that* kind of party?

"We’re going to party
Karamu, fiesta, forever
Come on and sing along!
All night long! (all night)
All night long! (all night)
All night long! (all night)"

This has been going through my head (just this part) all morning. Thanks for inspiring a party mood, Ms. GirlBomb, even though here in the Midwest it is cold, windy and gloomy.

And now I'd best stop hanging around the comments section and get ready for tomorrow's writing workshop at the women's prison.

Karamu, fiesta, forever...
[dancing out the door]
...all night long..."

I could bring gin and tonic jello shots. I have to find something to wear. I have to catch up with you. But I'm in California, three hours behind. Wait up!

Arrggghhh... gargle....

Sequins, feathers, poofy skirts, gin and tonic shots -- bring 'em on!

(Hannah B., what do you think of the Wally Lamb prison writing book?)

My head hurts today and I have no idea why. There's also a hole in my wall, and I have no idea why. My mouth fits over the hole, and I have no idea why. I don't like the taste of insulation and I have no idea why my head hurts.

p.s. I also like to screw

I am having a grrrr . . . lucky I am not ripping any male coworker's balls off kind of day.

One of the guys akss, "Is the boss giving you a hard time because your shirt's too low?" because he notices I am grrrr

And I say, "My shirts not too low. My tits are too high."

Fuck I am glad I get off at 3:30 today.

"I'm on the hunt, I'm after you."

If you is a non-sectarian multi-national occupation, boy howdy am I on that shit. Until I find you oh so elusive occupation I field offers from israeli moving companies and mall space managers in Seacaucus.

I hear that Mocha's a slave driver. Heather B sounds a teeny bit schizo.

Funk, Scurry; get a room, preferably one in an undisclosed location.

Hey Funk, I didn't steal your drink but I did piss in it.

I *did* steal Funk's drink. Thanks, Glick. Now I'm higher than an eagle, because you are the urine beneath my lungs.

Boob crack - I heard once that cleavage is so attractive because the laydeez are givin' us that shot of asscrack we so latently desire.

"Can I get a shot of asscrack? Maybe in a jello shot?"

This party's movin' to Bill's mouth. Anybody cummin'?

"Heather [Hannah]B sounds a teeny bit schizo."

She pays crappy, too.

(re: Wally Lamb book--First time I read it I was blown away. 2nd time, as part of a community writing course in which we went to a prison to write w/the women, I was disappointed that there wasn't more diversity in the types of writing in the book, as all but one piece were memoir. And the exception was a fictionalized memoir. But maybe the point of the book was for them to tell their life stories through narrative nf.)

Half of you are so 'phobic.

The other half are pervs for watching.

And people wonder why me and Bill got domestically partnered instead of married. Duh! So we could have gay sex at our parties!

We're going to an actual party-party tonight, for a friend who got a book deal. Yay, book deal parties!

Is anyone else cumming in Bill's mouth?

Ummm . . . I can't . . . that would be just wrong . . . I think Janice would agree. I can't cross that line and I am pretty damn freaky so normally there is no line.

well, usually there is a line...of ppl waiting to get some action with your pretty damn freaky self :P

Oooh . . . Funny you should say that because what is going on where I work only confirms it.

Now I am writing a short story about it. Who knew that writing an angry short story is as good as angry sex? I need a cold shower but not until I finish this story.


Has anyone called the cops on the fellatastic fete yet?

Kids go to bed in ten minutes. Anyone still awake?

I just finished writing my short story that is a big fat FUCK YOU to my fascist boss.

I even used his real first name because I don't give a fuck.

And I posted it in my blog and didn't make it friends only because I fucking don't care if he reads it.

And now I am so horny that when Rob gets home he damn well better fuck me.

Damn, angry writing is almost as good as foreplay.

wow, girlbomb -- you sure know how to get a party started! i leave my computer for one night, and look what i missed! virtual frolicking, and you can define frolicking anyway ya like...

P is for Party
A is for Alright
R is for Rowdy
T is for Tonight
Y is for You
and you know what to do so
Don't let your mama know
Or she won't let you go

(er, am I still invited now?)

Is the party still going on? I lost the invitation and can't remember if there was a time when it was scheduled to end . . .

Woo! If anyone wants to do Jager shooters, my navel is OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

Make mine amaretto and I am there! Jaeger? Blech! Besides, it is supposed to be ice cold and I would feel so sorry for you navel . . . and what about the belly button lint gnome? I mean the poor thing wouldn't know what hit him.

I have it on good authority that gnomes like amaretto. The voices in my head said so.

Heeeeeey!!!!! I loved Girlbomb!!!! But... I have a question.....
What happened to Mike?
Did he ever get out of the coma?

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