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That's really disturbing - I only live an our away from ATL and I had no clue that this was going on - and I can't believe people are getting away with it.

My friend is a computer geek and I asked him how child pornographers meet up and he said it was through chats in (um...I can't remember the chat code, I just remember that it's the first type of internet chat used and it's not that common anymore).

The point is, this hits really close to home. I can't help but wonder how much of that is going on in Macon (where I live) because we're so close to Atlanta. I know there's been an explosion of prostitution around here, mostly "massage parlors" and such - but there are street prostitutes as well. I lived next door to a call girl at one point (she never told me she was, but it was obvious), and she made a hell of a lot more money than anyone else in my building. If she did have a pimp, he wasn't ever around and he never hurt her - I think she worked for an escort service.

ANYways. Being this close to ATL, this disturbs me. I wonder how many of the girls I saw at various functions and thought "Ugh god, she looks like a 12-year-old prostitute" actually WERE 12-year-old prostitutes!

What can I do? Where do I even begin figuring out what to do?

I live here. And I already feel like crying . . .

It is going to be a long day of fighting not to cry. I should have called in sick.

This is another reason why it is so awful that we have to worry about abortion rights. Because with us focused on those basic rights, fighting a nonsense fight, we haven't been able to stop this other atrocities, or even really make people aware.

I have the same instincts about the 90%-of-runaways factor; it just doesn't ring true at all, but, I suppose it depends on how you define prostitution. If you say, 9 out of 10 will make a financial appeal to a male with the implied reward of sex... maybe.

I think the communications tool you're looking for is BBS networks. the internet ian't the only net. FIDO has been a major tool of Nambla since the mid-eighties at least. And I guess that's the other point: don't underestimate the number of boys who slide into this either, and don't assume a feminist approach would solve the problem either. In all liklihood, they's probably just shift the business over to boys.

FIDONET I mean.:P fido is a phone company. oops!

A feminist approach would work toward eradicating child prostitution of either sex; feminists aren't out to exploit boys to get even for the exploitation of girls.

Thank you Anne. When I mentioned a feminist agenda, I certainly didn't think it would try to save only girls.

I never intended to say there was malice. Sometimes there is, but not always. In all liklihood, boys would just sort of get overlooked, or deprioritized. I think most feminists would like to make people's lives better in general, regardless of gender.

Thank you for the comment . . . it made me lol seriously and I definitely needed the laugh.

The flowers were delivered today and the florist not only insists that nobody answered the door (because obviously Romanov wouldn't get excited if someone were to come to the door and my children, all three of whom were home, can't answer doors for themselves) and when they tried to call nobody answered the phone (because, again obviously, my children are incapable of using telephones).

Yeah. Seems to me the florist is taking the blame and really I must be as incompetent as my children.

BTW, I printed out the article and am going to see what volunteer opportunities there are out there. I would love to help these girls learn the power of journaling . . . would that be impossible?

Throughout history, as long as there have been young and naive humans, there have been profiteers who will exploit them. I can't imagine there is any way in the world to change this, beyond evolution.

Christ, that sounded jaded. I meant it as more *scientific* than dismissive, you see.


The Economist

A bitch is flattered!

Why the hell not? My ass was trying to figure out how to get credentials to cover the 2008 race anyway!

Two birds...one stone!

Get ready for the Anti-Bullshit Express...

Advance backlash: Angry Black Bitch is a flip-flopper! She lied about her Swift Boat heroics!

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