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Kinda makes up the "weasel" thing in the run-up to war, doesn't it?

Maybe just for me.

"Rendered with page-turning intensity!" -- NY Post (4/4 Stars)

Sounds pretty good. Maybe I should buy this book. Oh wait. It costs more than 50 cents. If it were worth reading, it'd be the Post.


Not a bad way to start the day, eh?

Four stars? Yes, but can you dance to it?


But, dude, they spelled your name wrong twice! However, they spelled it correctly three times, so I guess they win. But still - copy editors everywhere are outraged on your behalf!

And by everywhere, I mean, y'know, at my desk.

Ahem...spelled correctly 4 times. Just to out-copy-edit the copy editor.

And I'd like to ammend my previous post to read, "...more than 25 cents..." I mistakenly inserted the price of my beloved Daily News, which gave a full-page four color review. Weeks ago. God, the Post just can't do anything right. Am I alone here?

Congratulations! Coangratulations! Congrituautlions!

congratulations janice! my pal wendy is shaming me into reading your book as soon as possible... she asked me what i thought of it, but i still haven't read it -- though i did buy it! she told that she bought your book and she loves what she's read so far! break a leg tonight! :D

When Not-Gay-Pete and Big Jim from my office are sharing the cut-out review page across the cubicle walls, then you know you have arrived.

Local girl makes extremely good! Felicidades and I'm not at all surprised!

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