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The impressionable yoots of America could use a little more of this.

Aw gee baby, sometimes life is beautiful, ain't it?

Hi Janice...it's Denise Vasquez from Highschool...congratulations on your book? I can't wait to read it! It's amazing to know now that you were going through some shit in highschool...I was too, so I suppose I couldn't see what you were really going through. Man, I so agree with you...if it weren't for certain teachers, I would have dropped out as well...they saved my spirit!!! It was difficult I'm sure to go through what you did, but I truly believe our experiences lead us to our purpose in life...I can only speak for myself of course, but I know that when I was going through my shit for years, I couldn't understand why...now looking back, it all makes sense...I have learned to forgive the ones that hurt me in some way, I had to in order to let go and move on with my life, but I will never forget. Do you feel that way? I wrote songs on my first album like "Leave It All Behind", "Fighting Darkenss", "Back On Track" to help me and others like me...I now consider myself an "Artist With A Cause"...I feel that all the shit I went through had some part in me becoming the woman I am today...I'm happy now...I'm living in Los Angeles as a singer/songwriter/guitarist...please keep in touch...would love to talk to you more...
Peace & Joy
Denise Vasquez
Class of 86

Hi Janice...just ordered "GirlBomb" on Amazon..can't wait to read it!
Peace & Joy
Denise Vasquez
Class of 86

DENISE! I looked at your MySpace page, and you look GORGEOUS! I mean, as gorgeous as ever, but maybe even more so! And I'm listening to your songs right now -- so beautiful! And so great to reconnect with you. :)

Hey there, I must say that I really loved your book. It reminded me a little bit of my own youth but mostly of a particular friend that I know. Cheers for Girlbomb!

Well, I have some questions of my own:
-What happened to Hope and Alice?

yeah, i've always wondered what happened to hope & alice!

more like what ever happened with sebastian? he seemed like the most lovable and caring person. hopefully hes doing as great as you are.


Since Janice is out of town, I figured I would share this link:



I just finished the book and couldn't have loved it more. I am dying to know, though - did people you wrote about get back in touch with you after its release? Alice, Hope, Leland - they're all so richly drawn, and I imagine some of them must have read the book and taken issue, or felt the need to "set things straight" (as people always seem to feel the need to do). Do you address this anywhere in your blog? Cheers, and can't wait to read _Have You Seen Her?_!

Hey Janice,
I just finish reading Girl Bomb, what an amazing book.
I recommended it yo all my friends.
Can't wait to read "Have you seen her?" !

I always wondered if you ever taked to those people in the book.
Well, hope you're doing good


Hello Janice :),
I happened to get your book "Have You Found Her" by chance. My friend Zach found it at the school library and gave it to me. I read it in two days! Its really amazing. To the point I have a friend that reminds me of Sam not as far gone but getting there. I really dont know how to handle it. I threw myself into the friendship trying to find someone to hold onto after my mom died of cancer back in July. She was amazing at first then it sort of starting getting worse she would randomly pass out in the middle of the road during the winter time and I would have to pull her to the side. That among other things I dont know what to believe. I really dont know how to handle this any advise?

Felicia, trust your gut! It sounds like you know exactly what's going on, and you're aware of your own motives too, which is great. I advise avoiding her, if you can do so without feeling too guilty. Does this sound like mean advice? I hope not. But if somebody reminded me of Sam, I would avoid them. I hope it will work out well for you, and that you'll find lots of genuine, positive people to hang out with.

No its not mean advise I understand. Its just going to be hard...thanks for taking the time out of your day to help :)

Hey Janice!
I decided to do a biography on you for my middle school project this year. My class mates where all very surprised by your story. But I have two questions that i didnt get answered. When were you born and what do you want people remember about you in one hundered years? if you could answer these questions it would be very much appreciated!! Thanks! Lindsey From Tyngsborough Middle School!!!<33

Hi Lindsey! I am very happy and honored that you are doing your project about me! I was born in 1969, which makes me 39 years old -- here is some more biographical information about me:


If people remember me at all in 100 years, I hope it's because I've done something very helpful for others, whether that's writing more books or doing work with a philanthropy like GEMS (http://gems-girls.org). I would like to be remembered as someone who made the world a better place. But I'm still working on that! :)

Hello there Janice!

I read Girlbomb this past week and I absolutely loved it. It was just like reading a diary; I felt like I was there with you through it all. Just wondering, what ever happened to Alice and Hope and the Boyses? Did you ever reconnect with them again? I'm dying to know :]

Ayesha, thanks for reading the book and leaving a comment! Since the advent of Facebook, I have connected with most of the "characters" in my book -- some of them are friends; others are (understandably) angry about what I wrote, so we are not friends. But everyone is alive and well; almost all of them have kids and careers and...normal lives. Weird, huh? :)

Hi Janice,
I loved your book, "Girlbomb". I'm really curious about what happened to the main characters (Sam, Leland, Hope and Alice). Do you keep in touch with them and did they give you any crap about this book? Its nice to see that you have done so well, considering your circumstances.....I can relate, I think I wouldve went to a shelter if I knew I could during my teenage years. But in the end, I made it through.

Queens, NY

I read the author's note in Girl bomb and as you know it said, "I had to leave a lot of the good stuff out." I know this is nosy but why?

Dear Janice
I loved ur book its inspired me to write my own memior but dont know how can u help thx.

I read the author's note in Girl bomb and as you know it said, "I had to leave a lot of the good stuff out." I know this is nosy but why?

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