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Congratulations on the success of last night. I was thinking about you last night, hoping that the benefit would be a huge success. Sounds like it was. *hugs*

That was really fun! Thank YOU!

I tried to convince missus to Hale-House the cash and take me to Belize for a week, but her "conscience" kept saying no.


Glad things were golden hon'. Much love and lotsa nachas.

I had a great time. That about sums it up. Thanks!

It was a great event- thank you. Nice meeting you, too.

Hey Janice,
I am so excited for you. I really wanted to go but I couldn't make it. I was exhausted from work which ran over as always and I am dirt broke but I want to donate to your cause so next time I see you after pay day I will pay you my due. I am so excited to hear how great things went. I'm sure you are relieved and exhausted. Get some good rest because you need the energy to tell me all about it. Once again I am so sorry I missed out. No thanks to my supervisor (we know who that is) who can't seem to get the schedule right and allows me to work myself into a nervouse ball of burn out. But you really are the "Girl Bomb". Thank you for how much you care. You are an inspiration and not just to me.

It was a fantastic, inspiring, terrific event. I enjoyed every minute. All the readers were terrific--funny, moving, thought-provoking. Especially you.
Go Cov! (rragh ragh ragh)


you way rule!!!!! wish i coulda been there!!!!!

florence :D

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