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Oh, such happiness!

Great post - as cornball as it sounds, you truly are inspirational.

My ordered copy just came in the other day (I'm in Toronto - they gotta push it more here, yo) and I have hidden it until I get more work done because I know when I open it, that's all I'm going to do for the rest of day.

well done on the benefit, and enjoy those buzzy feelings, sounds like you've earned a bit of a happy glow!

I remember hearing about that call - the call from the agent while on your way out, the frantic pacing reciting the new proposal for BOOK TWO?! when you hardly believed you'd come as far as selling book one. How appropriately exciting. Enjoy the island of fire. May your week be as productive as you let it.

I am ordering the Australia edition for a friend of mine and another for myself because I want all the variations of cover and printing I can get.

Hmm . . . at this rate I'll have to buy another bookcase.

Another random fact: The book can be used to filter urine to make it potable.

It's true.

Yep, inspirational. Especially the part where you got your ass kicked and didn't understand what was going to happen until you got there.

I'm feelin' you girl.

>>>because I cleared my throat about 800 times thinking it could be edited out, and it couldn't.

The podcast was my introduction to you book and I can sincerely say that I did not even remember you did that. You have such a nice speaking voice that the listener does not get distracted.

Bitch. I just poured a a tablespoon of tears on top of my keyboard.

I'm ruminating on my review. I hope you'll like it..


I like that this is the 2nd thing that came up on google, when I searched Tommy Nutsack.

I hadn't a clue he was the first buyer. Interesting side note.

I'm so excited I found this book! I had picked up three or four books recently that I couldn't get interested in and was in kind of a rut with books. I couldn't put this book down and finished it in a couple days. I love the writing style, truly brilliant. Keep writing!

I first saw girlbomb when we were opening a new box of books at the school library. when i saw girlbomb i thoug it looked interesting, so i borrowed it and i could not put it down. it was amazing!

This book is so inspirational and addicting, my husband is now hooked and I've started a new discussion topic for our friends. I CAN'T WAIT for another book Janice!!

This was one of the most inspirational books ive ever read. I was in a similar situation when i was that age and i felt so connected to every page. Im now only 18, so it wasnt that long ago.

Youre the reason im now on my way to becoming a journalist =)
Thank you. You saved my life.

i bought 'have you found her' after finding it accidentally whilst supposedly looking for text books, meanwhile my daughter located hers and efficiently ordered what was not available, and I read the first two chapters in a nice leather armchair and then ordered my text books online when I got home
I read it in 2-3days, I was able to relate to a lot of what happened with Sam to my own experiences of working with young girls with varying mental illnesses in a secure unit, 'Dionne' was my mission, she induced one too many diabetic coma's (the general hospital being much easier to abscond from) and ended up having both legs amputated, but I was out of the picture by then and felt guilt at having predicted it, in my frustration and desperation to 'fix her'
I'm doing a youth and community degree now, I wonder how many 'Dionnne's' and 'Sam's' and 'Katy's' and 'Laura's' I'll meet in the future, I wonder if meeting them at an earlier age will make a difference, if 'getting in' before habits have become too ingrained, before irreversible damage is done, I wonder if 'professional training' will mean I am more able to deal with the heartache of it all
I hope so
I really enjoyed the book, and hope I learn something from it, thank you

I was asked to find a book about a girl coming of age for a human development class. So, I ran across your book at Barnes & Noble, read the first chapter, and loved every page of it. I bombed a Psych quiz one day because I couldn't stop reading your book. Thank you for sharing your story and making us all better people because of it. I reallly want to hear how you read the first chapter but I can't find the podcast on your link. Is it still available?? I would love to hear it no matter how many times you clear your throat!

Your book (Girlbmomb) is AMAZING. I literally can't put it down. I do a lot of reading, but this book has been, by far, my favorite!

find the podcast on your link. Is it still available?? I would love to hear it no matter how many times you clear your throat!

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