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I am actually registered in the bone marrow database so if I ever am found to be a match, I will be contacted to do whatever it is I would do next.

I couldn't grow up in my mother's home, seeing her deal with the death of another patient who couldn't get a kidney transplant, and not be donor myself.

The thing that drives me absolutely crazy is that the costs to the donor just to register in the marrow database range from $52 to $96! In this particular case, it is a sponsored search, but for any other nationality to register, it costs the donor money, and not an insignificant amount either, at least not insignificant to me. I’ve been trying to register for years, but the only sponsored drives I’ve seen are for Asian and African Americans. I’m a card caring organ donor, but this, this piece of myself I would be willing to donate at any time, this surplus of my body that could be effortlessly used to save lives, I can not find the means to give away. Imagine the millions of people that would survive a myriad of devastating illnesses if only the tissue typing were free? I mean, pregnancy tests are free, HIV tests are free, donating blood is free, why not this? I just don’t understand it. Why doesn’t Gates and Buffet sponsor a country-wide tissue typing campaign with the billions they want to donate?

See? Y'all are already up on this, and I am slacking.

So...you have to PAY to register to go through a painful and onerus procedure, should it be medically necessary to save someone's life?


hey girlbomb!

thank you so, so very much for posting this!

christine is in the hospital right now... if any of y'all are the praying kind, please hold a good thought for her to recover to the pink of health!

bone marrow donations are no longer painful! it's a quick and easy procedure these days where you feel a little soreness, as if you have taken a little spill, and that's all!

if you are not white, it is free to register on the bone marrow list... this is because if you are caucasian, they put your name and stats inot the computer, and probably 10-20 names will come up as a possible match.

if you are not white, you will most likely come up with ZERO....

that's why the campaign for folks to sign up...



I had the wonderful oppertunity to work with Christine on my first music video. A very good person, we all admire and respect. We here at SAM 7 ENTERTAINMENT INC. wishes you the best and our thoughts and prayers goes out to you and your family. May Gods' blessings be upon you always. Peter & Zion / "Prophets Of Rage"

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