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Testify! Those parents disposed of their own monsterous creation before she could scream for one more pony.

I am so with you, soul sistah.

I don't know. I had similar feelings toward Mark Klaas, Polly's dad. I actually sat with him and his ex wife, interviewed him, spent time with him. I had a bad, bad feeling about him. When they arrested Davis, there was all sorts of physical evidence, I felt terrible I doubted the dad.

As an avid Law & Order fan, I agree with you. I think Karr is the red herring we see just before Jerry Orbach nabs the real culprit. No doubt that Karr is a creepy perv, but the rest just doesn't make sense. Especially the demand for $118k. The exact amount of Ramsey's bonus. Hmm.

About Mark Klaas... I wouldn't feel too bad for him Amy. He uses every opportunity (and then some) to get his ugly mug in front of the camera. He's become a main staple on the national news shows. Each time I see him he seems creepier and creepier to me, and his grief is overplayed and (frankly) tired. My sympathy ran out for him a long time ago.

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