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My only complaint is that the pic is so tiny.

I want bigger Janice. More Janice.

Better yet . . . I want Janice to visit me here. Because I am selfish like that.

I concur, too much tininess. Largerness, please.

Fucking Typepad is being a dick, and it won't let me post anything normal sized.

My work schedule is also being a dick, and it won't let me do anything, period.


Bigger dicks!

Nixon and Smothers are stomping Tokyo now, as we speak.

driveby to giggle at kyria...
and say hi to itsybitsyteenyweenyellowpolkadotbikini-bomb.

Bigger dicks?

No . . . no no no no no . . .

I always say that size doesn't matter but the truth is it does for me but in the opposite direction.

TMI, Satia.


No such thing. Just talking about my preference.


Good picture but can't see your pretty face.

We have that issue at home! So COOL! (Spyro was very impressed by your kitty accessories.)

as someone with TMJ (which stands for, among other things, Totally Messed-up Jaw), i understand and affirm satia's TMI.

You have cats and a huge cat tree in your office. That is so sexy.

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