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Thanks. It's a great book, and that was a fun party. When's the next one? More canapes, please!

Man that dress is gorgeous.

Who is the hot redhead in all these pictures?

Sooo GLAMOROUS! Who was there,what did they wear...? names pleez in bold type.

It was the social event of the SEASON. If you weren't there, you were in fact, tetragonal in nature.

Janice's speech was heartfelt and funny, and the mood was joyous and liquored. It was the appropriate fete for such an excellent book.

Hot dress! You look amazing. I'm so sorry I couldn't make it. I barely made it to my own damn event.

Not to turn you into a piece of meat or anything but you are H-O-T HOT in those pics. Shame the conversation was about books!

What's happenin', hot stuff? Good god, you are so gorgeous.

I will second, and even third all of these opinions about how Hot u look!!! Hottie Alert!!! Congrats on such an awesome event staring the wonderful YOU....you hottie!

You guys are the greatest.

I just recovered from my white wine hangover. Thanks for the
chocolate salty balls, such fun.

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