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Gee. You really can find everything on youtube.

It is funny because I recently wrote in my journal about the good/bad hair thing because a woman was talking about how there is still this stigma, mothers straightening their daughter's hair, etc. She showed a picture of herself when she was young and then it dissolved to how she looks today. No longer gawky and awkward, she is beautiful with her self-admitted straight hair weave. Apparently neither she nor her producers et al saw the irony in this.

Bought "School Daze" coupla weeks ago, a surprisingly good movie. We are still in the "midst" of historical movement. To reduce things to "binaries" like black and white is inconsistent with contemporary cultural studies. Things are moving in a direction of a sophisticated "cosmopolitan" buffet. You can pick out "excellences" and "deficiencies" from every culture. The issue is a discerning and empowered subjectivity.

It doesn't seem like this meeting accomplished much, does it?

European "looks" are the standard in Western Countries. You know, the "House" makes the rules

re: Bad Hair Day Just remember we are still primates with big (relatively)brains. We are competitive heirarchical etc. Women with different kinds of hair will be increasingly acceptable only when they become more economicly viable. So wuilll gays and conjoined twins. It's white middle class wasps who are running the world my friends. Either join them or start your own magazine. The guys on the Mayflower weren't ruuning here for religious freedom, they were running for new markets and products. So there you have it

MILLS: When you came out after that first term, you spent about a year on the outside before your second conviction. And during that time, as you revealed in “Soul on Ice,” you set about raping white women as a principle of black rebellion.

CLEAVER: I wrote this in prison. And I wrote this because I was trying to describe my own feelings, my own attitudes, and the attitudes of a lot of black men. At that time, this was something that was not really written about, talked about. It was kind of scandalous. There was a lot of denial in blacks who had these feelings.

MILLS: What feelings? Sexual attraction to white women?

CLEAVER: People used to deny that. The whole phenomenon was raging at that time because this whole black consciousness thing was coming in, interracial relationships were rising.

One of the old bugaboos of race relations in America has been black rape. It has been a big problem down through history and continues to be a problem. For my own part, I think there is often a lot of denial in that. But I think the facts will support a case that there is quite a bit of black rape.

If you haven't seen Kara Walker at Sikkema Jenkins and the Whitney, please do. I highly recommend it.

ELDRIDGE CLEAVER WAS A SCHMUCK I was there girls and boys. Oh you guilty white people. Let's guilt trip all those white women into having sex with black men and then let's make them pregnant and walk out and they can go on welfare. Jerry Springer is now reping the benfits of Eldridge Cleaver and Leroy Jones and their philosophy. I'm 64 years old kids and I was there.

Take it easy. Obviously this topic strikes a nerve as Janet's review of the event illustrates. Don't go projecting. Nobody is advocating Cleaver's point of view.

Janet who?

Did you mean Janice or were you talking about someone/something else?

Wow. I'm confused.

I remember a lot too. I remember my friend Sabrina whose mother joined the Nation of Islam and would not allow Sabrina to associate with me any longer.

A year later Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated on my birthday.

I thought we were supposed to have moved forward but really I feel so stuck. Am I alone in the morass?

See, J, you can't talk about anything without stirring up drama. You have a gift, I tell you! A gift!


Hi Guys Sorry if I offended anyone. I'm old I'm passionate. I'm the mother of one of Janice's high school friends. I was there I think it's important to know where you've been and not make assumptions about the way it is now. I was at an event the other night full of nice intellectual gen Xers. They were so trendy, so conservative, so quiet, so polite. Twenty years ago or so you guys were skipping sachool and dropping acid in the park and driving your mothers crazy. Not that you should drive anyone crazy now. But keep looking around you and get to know what's going on. I am still older than yo and always will be. SO LISTEN

It's all good. I am older than you think probably. Again, it's a powerful discussion, quite possibly touching on the central and essential emotional issues of our culture.

Dear Janice,

I've been reading for a long time, I missed your posts while you were taking a step (or a few steps) back (though I did appreciate your periodic schedules of upcoming events), and am glad that you're writing your life again. And, I'm glad that you're doing it in a way that feels right to you.

I love your meeting/symposium/party/reading rundowns. I always have.

With gratitude to you for sharing parts of your work, and parts of yourself.


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