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Just when I thought I could not, simply could never, be a bigger fan -- BOOM -- you give me "The Temp." You are one firecracker.

It's about time you were recognized as "The Best." That's great, Lehman is a great guy, and getting in on the series should be a boon to your career. Not to mention that the poem is certainly deserving.

Also, in recent news, my Mom found "Girlbomb" at Target. Loved it. Is hopefully pre-ordering HYFH right now.

Wow! Just... WOW!

Jaw drop! You definitely forgot to mention . . . wow!

Dickinson . . . definitely. Wild nights. Wild nights./Were I with thee/Wild nights would be/Our luxury.


Okay. This is a must have so I'll have ot buy it for myself for my bday because that will make me dreadfully happy.



Thanks, LC, ld, K, and Satia (all of whom are mentioned in the Acknowledgements of the book, I should note). And Satia, thanks for posting the review, and for your comment on her blog! NOT novels; memoirs! True shit!

But what a compliment that you writing style is so engaging. As we all know, memoirs often read like memoirs. She left a comment in my blog so I guess my observation did not offend. Pretty amazing given how often I untintentionally offend others.

Satia makes me giggle.

I'm just offended.

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