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maybe not "the speech"

but you do not seriously think that you can write the way that you do... and not affect lives?

You do know that your books will give someone hoe.. stop someone from running away.. or maybe help them stop using drugs.

Sadly, you will probably never know. But it will happen. I promise.


you will give someone HOPE! They will have to get their own hoes....

( crumbs in my keyboard...)

It's the irony generation. you have seen soo many heroes with clay feet.

Darn. I really need a hoe for my herb garden and this year's vegetable garden. It would have been nice if Janice's writing could have provided me with a hoe.

I guess I'll have to settle for hope but really could have used a hoe. Janice, figure out how to write a book that gives people hoes. That would be something nobody else has managed to do.

Janice I was just writing this comment and I pressed something and erased it all so I have to start from scratch. I too felt that I was born with a mission to save the world. Now, in AA or Alanon, I would be called a codependent with a god complex.
I do astrology and the outer slow moving planets affect the cohorts, which are you and the people of your particualar age demographic. So baasicly things change according to pluto or uranus or neptune. I was born with neptune in libra which was the LOVE GENERATION. Pluto is now in Capricorn so we will see what happens with that Capricorn rules the government and structure and pluto rules drastic changes. Pluto will be in Capriclorn for the next 15 years so we shall see.
I am going to end this comment and continue so I don't erase it

What comes next is that one ballet teacher of mine Ninette Charisse who was a genius of ballet and other things once told me a valuable thing that I remembered my whole life. It was TAKE CARE OF THE GROUND UNDER YOUR OWN FEET I never forget it and I repeat it whenever I get the chance. Can one person ever change te world? Jesus may have caused more harm that good in the long run.
I sing archival Irish acapella music in bars and I do it to preserve live entertainment and person to person contact. Your brand of personal memoir writing is very valualble because it glamorises in a way the lives of ordinary people. Why should some people be celebrities and other people just nonentities? Who are we all anyway. Just a shadow of Brittany et al?
You are making a big difference and you are doing it in a small populist way. Janice you are a true daughter of the HIPPY REVOLUTION POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!
Eldridge Cleaver would be proud (Just kidding) Love and kisses Janet We are all so proud of you

PS Just a suggestion But we Bloggettes could all dress like HOES at Janice's reading and then your wish will come true. JUST A SUGGESTION GIRLS

My shrink wanted me to write about politics too! Maybe they want us to save all the gut-spilling just for them.

Hi, Girlbomb. I haven't posted in awhile--like the new design. Congratulations on your new book release. I hope to come to one of your many events.

Lately, when I can't sleep at night, I run elaborate "pull the plug" fantasies in my head. I pull the plug on my computer, my cell phone, my cable TV. I stop reading all the magazines that keep piling up in my mailbox. I only go places that I can get to on foot. When I visit my friends, all of whom live within walking distance, we make arrangements via snail mail.

We have long dinner parties at each other's houses/apartments, and the rooms are lit by candlelight because we've all pulled the plug on electricity.

Why does this fantasy give me such comfort? Something about your blog post made me think of it. Of shutting out all the distractions so I can finally hear what I'm supposed to hear.

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