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Thank you! That was the best chuckle I have had this stressful evening.


re: my chuckle, I meant about the "to the tune of thriller" by the way, I didn't mean to come off as heartless.

You were great last night, Janice. I'm so happy to be able to see you out and about again AND not to mention I really like the new book.
Good things.

Georgia, I love that show, and that clip is one of my favorites.

Gennette, thank you for laughing at the song pun, but you probably shouldn't encourage me.

And thanks, anonymous, for coming last night, and for saying that you like the book. I only saw people I liked last night, so it must have been good to see you, too. :)

We are a household that fervently believes in song puns too!!

Of course I should encourage you. People generally like having me around for exactly that reason. I will pretty much laugh at any attempt at humor (I even think the jokes that others think fall flat, are funny), which makes people feel like they are funny and me a very popular guest :) Plus I get to laugh a lot! Keeps me youthful.

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