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I read the "dispiriting" post before you took it down, and I identified with it greatly. I think it is (part of) a writer's job to wrestle with the often-apparent meaninglessness, not only of our choice (if it is one) to BE a writer, but of things going on around us. It's our job to make it meaningful, and not always in the very pragmatic way that your books are meaningful--giving hope to young women struggling with really difficult life situations. Often the meaning is far less tangible than that.

"trying to invest life with meaning is exhausting."

I've noticed that, and I look forward to your update on when we can expect it to stop already.

You know, I understand being grateful and not wanting to SEEM ungrateful by talking about the darker side of good things. Also, I understand protecting yourself from negative creep commenters. Having said that, I appreciate you addressing the ugly stuff that comes up. It validates others feeling the same way. I think you can be both grateful and frustrated on the same day!

You know, I took it down less because it was glum than because I spent the third paragraph talking about how everybody but me reads too long at readings, and when I reread the post, i thought, "That's snotty."

You'll note, though, that I rephrased the sentiment in another post. :)

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