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Wow. For a minute - just for a minute there - you almost had me wishing I lived in New York. These events look like fun.
But then I remembered I'm sitting in my favourite part of the world - in my comfy chair, looking out the window at the sunshine pouring down the mountain. Big gum trees. Birdsong. Home.
And if it's any consolation, that t-shirt-over-thermal look is still big here in Tassie. Yeah, we're way cool down here. I prefer to think of it not as 10 years behind, but 10 years ahead of the next-time-around.

I posted the pictures of us on my blog so feel free to snatch them up:


I'm still working out everything, but I shall be at Bluestockings on Friday.

Watching "Dr. Strange" now. He's soooooo strange! And jaded. And bearded!

so.. it looks like a few folks are liking that little yellow book of yours~?

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