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I haven't listened to it yet but I am still amused by how I managed to avoid the spoiler so well that it was not until I read the book that I knew how the story ended. :)

Speaking of ending, I just wrote over 1000 words of something I was asked to write. I then chopped it down to just over 500 words. Maybe by the end of the day it will only be 10 words but I think that's okay because I can take pictures and let them speak for me.

BTW, I wish I were half as photogenic as you are. And do you have a whole collection of Days of the Week t-shirts because if you do that must make getting dressed in the morning really easy!

Okay. Now I'm off to see how much more whittling I can do before I uh, you know, ummm listen to *chuckle* your interview.

PS: Your folks are awesome!

You know Nava? That blows me away, man. I haven't seen her in years, but we used to be good buddies. Hers was the first cat I sat on in NYC!

Looks like a really great event. I was sad that I was missing all of these fabulous events but then I remembered it's in the 70's here in California and well... But really, I wish I could have been there. By the way, at my summer camp, they kicked our uh um uh habits when speaking in front of the camp by putting this humiliatingly huge UM badge around our neck that we had to wear through the meal. Might work ;)

I see yer schmoo... I see yer schmoo!

-- even without his Mighty Ducks jersey (he'll know what I'm talking about)! Hee!

This was a good weekend for Team Shmoo, at that.

You have a great radio voice! I'm sorry I heard the spoiler, but that was an excellent interview.

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