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"with more vowels"

I keep coming here and getting doses of chuckles. Of course, you had some really heavy stuff posted this weekend and I walked around numbly thinking a lot about things . . . and thanking whatever miracle made it possible for my children to not feel a need to find a better life out on the streets. Albeit there are days when I wish they would move out already . . . and what with one moving back in just this month they definitely seem to be multiplying. But then, I only have myself to blame for that. Maybe if I hadn't been multiplying 20 plus years ago I wouldn't be in this predicament. It's a damn good thing I love them, though, let me tell you!

(BTW, nice try on the not needing to write a new book. I don't think anyone who reads your blog is likely to let you get away with that nonsense.)

Congrats!! "Rab-books" are awesome :) The little Lily Allens are sure to read, the little Amy Winehouses...uhhh they're a little preoccupied ;) But they have no idea what they are missin' out on!!

I think it was the copy I bought my mother that put you over the top :)

She _devoured_ it, and called me immediately to rave about it. I always give her books, and I never hear "boo" from her, so yeah, she's a fan.

Thanks, ladies. And ladies' moms.

The Retin-A is working miracles around here.

Hi Janice. American girl in Britain and have been looking for Have You Found Her here. Guess I'm going to have to get a bookstore to order it. Did see "The Runaway" at Waterstone's though. Just to let you know, they seem to have this whole category of books about broken childhoods, surviving child abuse, etc., etc. that the bookstores put under listings like "Tragic Life Stories" and "Painful Lives" and they all have this same type of cover treatment they gave The Runaway. And the titles are usually "Silent Boy," "Daddy's Rules," and the like, so you can see that "Girlbomb" just wasn't appropriately melodramatic.

Anyway, just thought I would let you know. Oh and found your blog through the fabulous Judy McGuire. Wish I had known you two ladies when I was living in New York. Would have made life a lot more fun!

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