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Well, #1 sort of answers that question I asked you so you just killed two birds with one stone.

And again, thank you for NOT mentioning me in your first memoir. But you know, you never did talk about how drop dead gorgeous I am in the second one. You need to get working on that for the third memoir.

That was a really interesting notation about Kerouac and translations of his work. I've always been tortured by how one can translate poetry? I mean, how does one translate rhythm and rhyme? And, yet, one of my favorites -- whom I read in English -- wrote all his works in Spanish -- Pablo Neruda.

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. I guess the fear of losing stability in my relationships is stronger than my need to write. All the fragments and scenes are scattered in notebooks and little files here and there but when I try to recreate the whole thing I stop cold. I will have to find a way. As for the language, it's certainly true, translations are very well done and no author has lost his or her voice in the process. Muchas gracias!

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