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I was really hoping for a solidarity post concerning the Pope's upcoming visit to NYC, and the layperson's teaching union's accompanying strike. Poor unordained catholic teachers. Private school just doesn't pay enough. I mean, they could be making so much more teaching in the public schools...

Applying lip gloss with chop sticks sounds downright dangerous.

Writing is hard. Big projects are harder. It's not fair. There's no easy way!

I remember a writing group I had going that was my most successful one to date. We started by exploring journaling and branching quite naturally into memoir writing. I figured that writing from experience, whether immediate or distant, seems easier. I then hoped we would transition into fiction writing but as soon as we chose a book to be our focus, full of writing exercises and techniques, the group fell apart. I guess I didn't realize then how much more frightening fiction seems to be. I am still not sure I get it but then I am easily confused and not sure I understand a lot of things that are quite obvious to others.

Thanks for the depth of your answer. I will print it out and read it when I break out in a cold sweat :).

To comment on Satia's comment:

I was part of the group Satia refers to in her insightful words. I never thought about it, but she is correct. The group did begin to fall apart when fiction was introduced.

This group was the best. I draw from what I learned in the journaling portion while working on this new nonfiction project. I also journal everyday due to the experience.

Thanks to both of you!

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