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This is a whole new level of carnality. Whoop.

You know, I've read more than a few interviews with you and I must say that this one is one of the better ones if not the best.

I agree, This is one of the most interesting interviews with you.

i just finished reading your book, "girlbomb", it really touched me. i had to read some parts over because it just really evoked emotion in me. LOVED IT. I am going to get "have you found her" tomorrow..

i was just wondering.. what ever happened to hope and alice? do you ever still talk to them?

would love to hear back..

This was the most spot-on interview yet!

Haha, well despite the raunchy website, The interview was spectacular.

But it's okay, I mean they it seems like lots of spectacular people have gotten interviewed for the same site, so don't be ashamed!

I wouldn't take you for the sex negative type though, I mean your recent author pics are done by Richard Kern...

I'm glad you guys like the interview! If it's an especially good one, it's probably because the interviewer was a young woman with a Girlbomb-esque life story of her own, so I felt like I was talking to a younger me.

Polina, I heard from both Alice and Hope after the book came out -- both successful and happy and doing well -- and each of them apologized for their shit in the past and forgave me for mine. So while we're not friends these days, I'm still grateful for their friendly gestures, and wish them all the best.

And Lola, yeah, Richard Kern. Super nice guy. Takes a hell of a photo. Also shoots porn. I am a hypocrite of the first degree.

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