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I swear, I don't know if you'll ever appreciate how reassuring these posts of yours are.

Nodding at Satia... Yep, it IS reassuring ... I quit every GD day.

I just finished reading Have You Found Her a few weeks ago and ever since, I've been coming to your web site for some peace of mind from my own craziness. I hope you're not too discouraged, because both your book and your blog are really inspiring to me and you seem like a pretty cool lady. ...thanks! :)

Satia, Kirsten, Ash, thank you!

I have been avoiding writing anything for about a week because I'm getting to the really hard part, the part where I was an asshole, the part where I can't justify my assholishness even by reminding myself that others were assholes to me, too, and it hurts and I still can't make any sense of it. But I second everything the others said. I almost always find it in me to write something after reading your blog, and today is no exception.

Well, I'm commenting...yes, after typing/deleting, typing/deleting...such a damn 'tard...just f'ing write something already. I've had a shit day, really, with the exception of these posts. I've read back over some funny shit from posts in '05. My favorite was your "recent crimes again esthetics" piece. I laughed so hard I have a tummy ache now. Why? Because I still own the highwater fleece sweatpants, and actually...I'm wearing them. Goddamn, I love these pants. Hope your days pick up Janice.

Oh boy do I understand that kind of day. I've had them on repeat for a while. Fuck 'em all!

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