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I just finished girlbomb and loved it! I have since recommended it to several friends.
I love to read memoirs...I sort of keep one myself in the form of a blog, created to document our struggle with infertility but it has certainly meandered around other topics, too.
I wrote a novel(sort of memoir-ish but I think I erred on changing too much about me) when I finished grad school about my work with teenage moms in horrific situations--I was a homeschool teacher for a few years to these girls when I was just barely out of college myself. It (the book) never went anywhere but I think there's an interesting story to tell, I just need to learn some editing skills. Overwhelming.

Anyway, thanks for writing and I'm going to go pick up the latest one and start following your blog.

You are so fantabulous you make my teeth tingle.

I have no clue what that means but I figured that everyone else would say things like cool or awesome or congrats and I wanted to at least try to say something different, for once.

Oh yeah, I got confused because your blog post says "Have you Furnished Her" rather than "found" her....but it did make me laugh!

OMG... I ocmpletley forgot ot tell you that I have pictures of your books on the staff table at B&N. I'll try and remember to forward to you via email on Monday. Remind me if I forget... also, Target had you front and center -- whatever that means.

Running out to pick up EW.

Satia, you are fantabulous and tingly. Kirsten, I'm glad to hear the book's still visible out there -- Target has been awesome in promoting my books, I'm really grateful to them. And Ashley, your blog is beautiful! I love the interaction with the little girl at the party.

Congrats on your notoriety in E.W. -- definitely a credit to your hard work.

I've found a lot of satisfaction in reading memoirs -- particularly Janice's, but some others too. I'm reading Meredith Hall's WITHOUT A MAP now and really getting a lot out of it.

I think putting so much of yourself out there for anyone to read is a calling. I've written a dozen pages here and there -- but I don't think I could ever handle having it out there in public -- not without a guarantee of anonymity. Count me in the 1% of hyper-neurotic writers who actively avoid publication of any kind (hey, at least that's one ambition I can definitely satisfy). :)

Hiding in the fields,
Tall as a Corn Stalk

Congrats on the mention in EW!

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