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You know, I contacted Sharon about her next workshop although I explained that I am currently unemployed and unable to afford such a luxury. Nevertheless, it's on the books as something I want if I can ever find a job. (Applied to 190, 3 interviews, all called great interviews by interviewers, no job offers.)

With that said, painfully cute puppies in my blog. Be warned. Such sweetness can be dangerous.

Janice, it's good to see you posting.

Satia, the puppies are adorable!

It's in the air, I fear.

Yo Janice,

Nice to see ya posting even though it made me want to slit my wrists. Try to just relax and enjoy the beach woman! You can be moody back in the city.

I saw the trailer today...LOVED IT! There...something to be happy about. You look great as 8 characters and it reminded me that you can act too. Damn...I can't write or act. I'm the one that should be depressed.

Call me when you get back to the city...you owe me lunch.

Check out the fabulous trailer people...

Mercury was in retrograde, if you buy that kind of thing. It's supposed to calm down by the fourth. I couldn't stop the tears yesterday, and I didn't even know what they were for. Everything seemed to be going wrong for everyone else, making even my hateful job pale in comparison. Or making me count my blessings, even though I hate that phrase. My dishes are in the sink, too, and my chocolate stash is declining, and I'm wondering: should I take another job I don't care about just because it's different?

That trailer, though, is the most gorgeous thing I've seen in days.

Is the Hulk in the trailer?

Stana, now that I'm back in town, I look forward to getting together. Thanks for posting the video link. :) And you know, this post wasn't even written in a very bad mood -- that's my normal state of mind. Is that worrisome? Maybe I should get some, like, lithium or something? Anyway, I hope Mercury has pulled its head out of its ass, or whatever, and that everyone's day is much better today.


Bang the cabana boy, you'll fell better.

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