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jackassery - will be adding that one to my vocabulary.

Dear god the finale of Lost was intense! I think re-watching Sawyer is definitely an excellent idea, I support you! May I also add that I sobbed on 3 separate occasions throughout the finale as though I had just been delivered news of a death in my immediate family.

Yes, jackassery has a nice ring to it...


Yes, jackassery has a nice ring to it...


"...the same thing I always do -- survivin'."

I've actually used the word "jackassiness" before. What a dork I am.

You know, I put a great deal of vitriol into those emails. The least you could do is read them before you delete them.


I just read your book ' GirlBomb' and it made me feel alot better with what is going on in my life. I recently got clean off of blow and other various drugs, I'm trying to find out who I truly am, I've been doing 'hard' drugs for 6 years now so it felt good to see that somebody else understands the way it fucking tears you apart, how it makes you crazy, the comedowns, searching the room for a spec... yeah. So thank you. If you wanna write me back i'd appreciate it.

I get the best commenters.

Dealing with jackassery will get you every time. I can't believe your doctor didn't actually PRESCRIBE the Sawyer scene. More scenes with Desmond shirtless would probably help as well. I'll write to J.J. right now.

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